Let´s make a change together!

XO.ED is a multidisciplinary production house for sex-positive companies. We can make your thoughts of desire and fantasies a reality. Your fantasy, your content.

Hands on desirable image

aBlended with creativity and expertise, we redefine sex positivity and ethical production. By the creation of desirable images we achieve to captivate the attention of your audience. Developing effective and inviting content is our aim.

Reach out for more Visibility

Engage your potential audience in a more memorable way. A video involves body language, a combination of visual and audio techniques, more senses are involved, which incites action.

Ideas Generator

Out of a simple idea we produce a masterpiece.
Think of us as your consultants, we have the expertise, more than 10 years of experience, knowledge and the proactivity to make any project work. 

Desirable images;  from creative thinking to production

We create images that seduce. This implies more than PiV and the visual and technical know-how of a production company.


Creative thinking


Understanding needs. Guidance based on research and analysis.


Doing more than is expected or necessary. Inspirational and expert team.


Allowing inspiration, innovation and curiosity to create unique projects.


Delivering consistent information throughout a project.

Problem Solving

Generating alternatives and solutions in the most efficient way.


Modeling your ideas



Brand developing

Content creation

Creative thinking means thinking outside the box and we do that! Seductive pictures are everywhere. But who promises they won’t be censored? Or land and perform in the right place with powerful messages? Together, using creative thinking, involving a lateral approach to perceive patterns; that are not so obvious, we will develop sustainable ideas for the right channels and formats.


Creative implementation
Technical realization
Post production

For the implementation of the individual production phases, we rely on an experienced team. We are aware of the expectations of our customers to use production budgets efficiently.



From a short film, music video to video art, anything is possible.

Know-how Videos

How to use a product in a real, practical and innovative way. A Video Marketing tool to reach the widest market. Video marketing increases purchasing by 97% and brand association by 110%.


We explore the best way to make people attracted to buy a product or service through an Animated Video. We transform curiosity into business.


With the use of tutorials your audience will achieve a positive experience of all the questions and doubts surrounding a specific subject.

Social Media

Do you need a non censurable campaign? XO.ED is your answer.

Blog, Vlog, Podcast

With any of these services you will gain: Increasing number of visitors and synergy with related sites, more visibility and customer interaction. Tell us your idea, topic or product to develop great content by our Sexperts Team


Compelling and memorable audience experience

Expand your horizon by reaching a diverse Worldwide audience.

Virtual Events:

  • Conferences and Summits: Speaking Sessions and keynotes that allows audience interactivity. Outcome: Database, Survey Feedback, Metrics and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Trade Shows: Exclusive Launch of Products, Services or Companies. Outcome: Networking opportunities, cost effective and unlimited range of targeted audience.

InSite Events

We can arrange massive events or intimate events depending on the needs of your company. A tailor made event that will exceed your expectations.

About Us

We are a diverse team, artists, sex educators, business developers, film directors beyond others,  with a multicultural background that allows us to have different perspectives and wild creativity

We develop individually tailored concepts and implement them together with you. This is how trust grows TOGETHER. Over more than 5 years of experience in the sex-positive business, we continue to make happier customers and help new business.

Let’s collaborate!

Share with us your needs, ideas, proposal. Let’s write together a Success Story!


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